What is Integra?

Integra is an integration, orchestration and automation Platform as a Service, allowing you to make orthogonal components of your IT infrastructure work together for the better good of your business.

The two main concepts in Integra are the Reactor, which is the brains of the operation, and the Providers, which are micro-services that serve as proxies to an end target. The combination of those Providers is what makes Integra so powerful: information can flow from one Provider to the next, without you having to worry about the details.

Integra can run on any platform on-prem or in the cloud; the choice is yours.

Why do IT administrators like it?

Simply put: because it is simple.

Time is saved by removing the burden of repeatable tasks, and errors are reduced by removing the human factor out of the equation. Long gone are the days when you needed to learn a programming language to get something done, or be forced to use tools that required an advanced degree.

The beauty of it all is that any IT-vetted workflow can be exposed in a self-service portal, so that any user can execute them on demand, when needed, from anywhere.

Why do IT leaders like it?

Time is money, and being able to automate repeatable tasks translates into saving time and resources.

Leaders can have peace of mind by knowing that subject matter experts of yesterday's tools can walk out the door without harming the flow of operations. With Integra, everybody is an expert.

There is also no vendor lock-in. Installation is a breeze. Upgrades are painless. The list goes on, and only happiness ensues.