How To

Coming Up!

  • Self service provisioning
  • Self service backup/restore
  • Clone production environment to test
  • Auditing/inventory/capacity planning
  • Test environment setup & tear down
  • Restoring on-prem apps to cloud provider for continuity of business/DR
  • Building similar workflows across multiple different app stacks (e.g. Hyper-V + SQL Server + Netapp vs VMWare + MySQL + EMC) to prevent lock-in
  • Migrating data from one storage provider or hypervisor to another during upgrade
  • Remote office data sync
  • Keeping all of your workflows centrally documented and auditable (as opposed to scattered across multiple scripting languages and platforms)
  • Packaging golden apps/vms/dbs
  • Backup to cloud
  • Application consistent backup using storage snapshots
  • VM backup to storage snapshot
  • VM backup to cloud
  • Federated backup (multiple applications and hypervisors)
  • Central scheduler and logger for scripts or maintenance tasks