Hello Starling


- Google Web Toolkit 2.4 or higher
- Java Development Kit 1.6 or higher in your path..
- The Flash4j jar


1. Create a new Web Application Project (GWT) project in your IDE. Enter your project's details as appropriate.

2. Add the flash4j-xxx.jar file to the project's classpath.

3. Modifiy the index.html to look like on the pic below

Make sure you added the following doc type to the HTML <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
That line is important for Starling4j to render properly !!!

4. Edit the .gwt.xml file of your gwt project to inherit the Starling4j Module

5.Modify the EntryPoint of your GWT application to extends com.emitrom.flash4j.starling.client.core.runtime.StarlingEntryPoint

6.Now that everything is set let s write a simple Hello World

7.And below is the result

For more examples make sure you visit the Starling4j Demo and look at the source code that ships with the SDK. And of course you can contact us at any time may you have any question.

This Book on Starling and the Official Starling Forum are also good ressources to get started.

Happy coding!

The Emitrom Team